Make Sauerkraut Juice At Home

hktukyjBecause it stimulates the immune system, and prevents cancer growth, particularly in the breast, colon, lung and liver, before breakfast, we recommend a small glass of sauerkraut juice, 125 ml, on an empty stomach. A second glass in the evening is good, too, for its many benefits. You can buy bottled sauerkraut juice if you want to do things the easy way, or you can buy sauerkraut and extract the juice with a juicer or you can make it completely from scratch. Ursula Escher, author of A Day In The Budwig Diet, says the third option is best. Her book is the best for learning how to easily implement the Budwig Protocol. Here is how to make sauerkraut juice your self.

Tools Needed
You need 1 one or 2 medium sized cabbages. Two cabbages make enough juice for 30 days. You also need a cutting board, a large knife, sea salt, a large bowl, a kitchen scale, and a glass container to store your shredded cabbage in while it ferments.

Chopping The Cabbage
Peel and discard the outer leaves of the cabbage. Remove the next layer of

Delectable Seafood Recipe of Crab Cakes

ydtkudtklWith the tremendous speed of the current times the time that one invests behind anything is very calculative and balanced. You no longer have the eternity at your disposal. The seafood recipes prove to be a good example of the combination of health and taste. The crab cakes allow you with the freedom to gorge on your favorite food as much as you want without being conscious of the added weight. The precise reason of this complacence is the health values that these recipes contain.

The seafood recipes usually benefit the functioning of the brain a lot. The tremendous benefits that these recipes impart are simply incomparable. They are like the small energy givers that continue to nourish the body without taxing the taste buds. The crab cakes are the palatable marriage of outstanding health with that of delectable delight. The things that more often than not restrict you from being a connoisseur of seafood is the location and the availability. However this problem has been catered to, now even the special recipes turn out to be not only available at the venues close to your residence but

Easy And Simple Rhubarb Pie Recipe

jtsyktdkRhubarb has a very characteristic taste, the purple color is also a signature trait for it, and rhubarb is regularly used for pie fillings. The original taste of the stalk is bitter and even tart, however when it is sweetened with sugar, it makes a perfect pie filling and the rhubarb pies are one of the best dessert choices in the summer months. This bittersweet treat is not difficult to make, you will not need a lot of ingredients and the overall preparation of the pie is easy as well. The pie is a great treat; it combines a buttery taste of the crust on top and a sweet and sour filling which makes the overall taste very distinctive and pleasant.

The rhubarb pie is prepared in two stages; you will need to separately prepare the crust and the filling. First you will need to prepare a good crust if you want to make a good pie. You can start the preparation of the crust by mixing flour, salt and sugar and then add butter a square at a time.

Get Your Favorite Healthy Cocktail and Spirit with Alcohol Mixers

In life, you need to make a balance between your health and things that you like. Most of people are familiar with alcohol like you always have while enjoying the music at the party. It is a dope actually. Besides, having too much alcohol is not good for your health. Therefore, when you have such difficulty in make it balance, do not worry! You can actually make it balanced with Vling. It is the healthy alcohol mixers. It replaces the nutrients that you take from the diet you have which is diminished by the alcohol. Hence, you can still have your body good nutrient.

How it works? Vling contains electrolyte which will infused the drink that you have. It has low sugar, carb and calories. Those who are in the process of losing the weight should have no worries about it. Moreover, it contains no caffeine so that it is guaranteed safe for you. Here, you can bring this drink especially when you have cocktail and spirits. You can just mix it into your favorite drink so that you can still have nutrients taken into your body. This is a way to make it balanced

Are diet soft drinks bad for you

A new study finds a potential link between daily consumption of diet soft drinks and the risk of vascular events.

Individuals who drink diet soft drinks on a daily basis may be at increased risk of suffering vascular events such as stroke, heart attack, and vascular death. This is according to a new study by Hannah Gardener and her colleagues from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and at Columbia University Medical Center. However, in contrast, they found that regular soft drink consumption and a more moderate intake of diet soft drinks do not appear to be linked to a higher risk of vascular events. The research appears online in the Journal of General Internal Medicine published by Springer.

In the current climate of escalating obesity rates, artificially sweetened soft drinks are marketed as healthier alternatives to sugar-sweetened beverages, due to their lack of calories. However, the long-term health consequences of drinking diet soft drinks remain unclear.

Gardener and team examined the relationship between both diet and regular soft drink consumption and risk of stroke, myocardial infarction (or heart attack), and vascular death. Data were analyzed from 2,564 participants in the NIH-funded Northern Manhattan Study, which was designed

Glutamate: Essential food for the brain

Glutamate is an amino acid with very different functions: in the pancreas, it modulates the activity of the pancreatic ß-cells responsible for insulin production, whereas in the brain it is the main excitatory neurotransmitter. In recent years, it has been suspected to play an additional role in the functioning of the brain. By discovering how the brain uses glutamate to produce energy, researchers at the University of Geneva (UNIGE) confirm this hypothesis and highlight unexpected links with the rest of the body. To read in Cell Reports.

Unlike other organs, the brain cannot draw its energy from lipids, an energy resource widely present in the body. The blood-brain barrier, which protects it from the pathogens and toxins circulating in the blood, indeed limits the passage of these lipids. Moreover, while most of the organs in the human body have the ability to store glucose by increasing their mass, the brain, prisoner of the cranial bones, cannot count on these variations in volume. Unable to store its food, it depends on sugar supplied in real-time by the rest of the body. This distribution of energy is controlled by the liver.

Pierre Maechler, professor at the Faculty of Medicine at UNIGE,

3 Reasons Why You Must Get Rid Off Processed Food

In our fast paced life we hardly have time for ourselves midst the hurry to meet office deadlines and fulfill family commitments, so how much time do we give on the kind of food we eat on a regular basis. All the foodies out there definitely spend a lot of time thinking what to eat but that is the case only when you plan to eat out but there is not much thought given to what we eat on a regular basis at home before rushing for work or after we come back after a long day’s work. This is the time when we are prone to eating processed food that does not require much cooking time and at the same time tastes good. But little do we know how much this kind of processed food is bad for our health affecting our health and damaging it inch by inch everyday. There are several nutritionists who claim that eating a few types of processed food benefits you because of the composition or ingredients they boast of but just don’t listen to them. Remember to bid goodbye to this junk from your kitchen and your diet.

Reasons Why Processed Food is Bad

The Debate About Beet Juice

Beet juice By natural means boosts endurance and endurance. Ingesting a glass of beet juice may have an immediate influence on decreasing blood pressure.

This downloadable ebooks reveals how to easily and completely split the delicate consume routine permanently. This information will demonstrate, in very clear easy to understand conditions, how to acknowledge Each individual on the 5 addictive features of soppy drinks — after which you can beat them that has a clever system that’s by now worked for thousands.

This downloadable e-book arms you with the knowledge you need to secure you and your family members from your probable chook flu pandemic the earth Health and fitness Business is warning about.

In this job interview, Dr. Holick reveals fascinating details on how vitamin D is designed and Employed in the human entire body to beat back chronic ailments like cancer, osteoporosis, psychological Diseases plus more.

Your everyday values could be greater or lower based on your calorie demands. ** Nutrient details is not obtainable for all ingredients. Volume is dependant on obtainable nutrient knowledge. (-) Information and facts isn’t currently available for this nutrient. If you are adhering to a medically restrictive diet program, you should speak to your medical doctor or

With Sugarcane Juice Machine You Can Make The Process Pretty Simple

Sugarcane juice is known for its health benefits for long now. Any age group or any gender, everyone reaches out for a glass of it to get refreshed. A chilled glass of sugarcane juice also helps quench the thirst effectively in hot and humid conditions. Sugarcane is a good resource of carbohydrates and this is what strengthens our overall immune system and helps us remain healthy. For people with diabetes, this juice is wonderful too as it does not increase the body glucose. In case where a person is suffering from jaundice, a glass of it with a little lime mixed in is a suitable remedy. Even for people who indulge in rigorous activities or sports which are physically very demanding, juice at the start and end of a session can be quite beneficial.

Anyways if we talk about extracting sugarcane juice, this is certainly not that easy. This machine is therefore something that people prefer to have at home, to be able to enjoy a glass at will. For people who do not want to compromise on their health, it is certainly a part of their daily food intake. Sugarcane machines have also evolved over the

It’s so Very Convenient With Orange Juice Machines

Orange juice is quite popular for keeping us healthy and also for strengthening our immune system. It’s full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and vitamins that makes one feel so very energetic. So, undoubtedly everyone would like to have orange juice whenever he/ she desires. And of course the other family members would also like to relish it along with you.

On the other hand if we talk about packed orange juice, it isn’t that nutritious and the taste is not that refreshing. This is essentially due to the artificial preservatives which give the juice a somewhat bitter taste.

After having delved into the benefits of orange juice, it’s wise to also discuss the options one has for orange juicing machine. These machines really make the process of extracting juice so very easy and convenient. However, the ones that take away the pulp and fiber during extracting are strictly no-no. Using them invariably robs the nutrients from the orange juice. The automatic juice machine works best for people who are often short of time. It’s also important to keep in mind that the parts of the juicer should be easy to wash in the dish washer.


The Miracle Plant Aloe Vera and Aloe Vera Juice

As we know that whenever we go for a trip or travel around the world we take many things that can help us to maintain our internal body needs. In traveling, especially in jungles or in hiking, it is very important to take healthy food within your bag. We usually take packets of chips and some juices which is not as healthy as we think. In such kind of traveling we need fruits and vegetables that can maintain our body needs and wants.

Yes! We know that there are two best ways to do this, one is keeping fruits and vegetables and second one is to keep pure juices that contain nutrition that may help you travel longer without losing your strength. Today we will let you people know the healthiest thing to keep with you while traveling especially in jungles or mountains.

Do you know that nature has saved its bounties within its creatures? Yes! Nature has bestowed us with many gifts that a human could never have created by own self. Plant of Aloe Vera is one of the miracles of natures and this plant has been using for countless purposes by mankind since

How to Cook Quinoa Perfectly

I must be honest. When I first got word of quinoa, I was more than a tiny bit hesitant. Exactly how might a food that had numerous health advantages actually taste good too? A friend of mine was initially wanting to convince me that it would give me the energy as well as necessary protein that I need to power my fast paced life, however I was less than sure. Boy, am I thankful that I decided to take the plunge! Since the first time I realized how you can cook quinoa, I have been hooked! Better yet, my family members love quinoa too!

Assuming you have never cooked quinoa grain, let me discuss a few strategies for you. The first thing that you’ll always desire to keep in mind is that quinoa grain should be washed. Numerous individuals try and skip this task just to save time, however ultimately these people find themselves disappointed. Quinoa grain that has never been washed tastes just like soap and for most people, in addition , it leads to digestive upset. In the event that you would like to quicken the amount of time which rinsing quinoa grain takes, you

Tasty Vegetable Juice Recipes

In addition to finding a hobby that can make you healthier and fitter; learning vegetable juice recipes offers you many benefits. You will be able to pass a helpful habit with your new found knowledge. Start teaching your children the importance of vegetable juice recipes mixed with balanced meals and you will give them the tools to have a healthy life. Discover how to educate your friends about a natural solution for their medical problems.

Find a profitable skill by mastering juice recipes that you can use for business ventures. The health industry is a trillion dollar industry. By learning various vegetable juice recipes you can start building your own menu for use at your restaurant or canteen. People tend to gravitate towards something that is safe and natural so by taking the time to learn great recipes not only do you become healthy; you also have the chance to earn by doing something good.

Try Out Some Great Body and Mind Vegetable Juice Recipes


1 Bunch Celery
1 Bunch Kale
2 Lemons

People who have a salt addiction can control their appetite using this drink. Sodium must be regulated in order

3 Tomato Juice Recipes You Will Surely Love

Tomatoes are one of the best ingredients that you can eat in to achieve a healthier body. It is a life changing drink that contains a lot of benefits. By taking the time to learn tomato juice recipes, one can achieve a healthier and fitter body.

Tomatoes contain enzymes that help in improving skin texture and color. It is also considered as a good blood purifier because of its ability to protect the liver and remove gallstones. Tomatoes are nature’s antiseptic against infections and diseases. It can also help lower cholesterol, prevent heart diseases and fight cancer. Tomatoes can prevent hemorrhages. Tomatoes are packed with antioxidants that can make you look young and feel young.

Tomato Juice Recipes with Grape Juice

Grape juice with tomato is a good breakfast shake because it provides much needed energy in the morning. It is great for hang overs and it also improves stamina. Tomato juice recipes with grapes contain vitamin C, Lycopene and may anti-oxidants. This juice can lower the chances of getting colon cancer, colon polyps and other digestive problems.

2 grapefruits
2 tomatoes
2 cups of white cabbage
2 apples

Tomato juice recipes like this can boost the immune system and lessen the chances of

How to Cook That Meat or Several Ways to Cook The Usual Meats

Every 365 days woman try to cook something delicious and unusual . And every time when the mistress buy meat she asks herself: how to cook that again?

Many families spend their life with two or three recipes for meat. It’s boring! Especially some original dishes cook easier than usual. Could you imagine how many recipes with meat are exist in the world? I have no idea. But I want you to explain how to cook that in an unusual way, if the main ingredient is meat again and again.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Add unusual ingredients. For example, mushrooms, apples, pineapples, oranges, bananas, prunes, etc. It’s better to add them after the meat fries and become golden or brown.
  2. Use marinade sauce. For example, vegetable oil + honey; sour cream + ketchup + soy sauce + drops of lemon juice + vegetable oil; beer; ketchup + mayonnaise; hot water + curry.
  3. Try famous sauces. For example bechamel, soy sauce, sweet and sour sauce (ketchup + vinegar + sugar + soy sauce + hot water), wine, sour cream, tomato sauce, yogurt. Believe me, even it sounds frightening , it’s worth to try. All recipes can be found

A General Idea of Seafood and Health Benefits of Cod Gadus Fish

Seafood products have become a necessity in the lives of most people. No doubt a good and major reason for that is the health benefit it has to the human body; in fact it is prescribed by doctors for people with certain ailment. Fish is known to have enough nutritional value that entices consumers to it.

No matter the way or type the fish is, it has not been phased out of the market. Fish has rather grown strong. Known as one of the most consumed food all over the world, its consumption is therefore to be monitored, so that consumers can be protected even as the their favorite dish. No matter the need or quantity, consumers should be made to get the product in good quantity and quality.

Freezing has been known as the best way to preserve in things in general, food in particular and fish in the context of our discourse. Fish has been frozen to preserve it for longer periods. Therefore frozen seafood products have been there in its fresh state. Always ready for consumption, to satisfy man’s urge for it.

Is there need for safety caution as where you buy what you buy? No doubt the answer to

Mouth Watering Seafood Delicacies

Due to extensive harvesting and processing of seafood, more and more people are gaining access to the rarest fishes and seafood products at their doorsteps. It is true that seafood products are highly vital for health and people all across the world are choosing it for health benefits only. Being highly tasty and delicious, seafood products are the first and foremost choice of people. It is the best ingredient of parties and grand ceremonies. People love to consume seafood since beginning. Today, researchers are also recommending seafood products for regular diets for exceptional health benefits. People love to have shrimps, prawns, crabs, cod, tuna, salmon, jellyfish, and other aquatic animals. In most of the places, people love to have seaweeds in their food.

All these aquatic species are highly beneficial for health and are every tasty, too. People know how to prepare different types of recipes in different parts of the world. They easily obtain shrimps, prawns, crabs, squid rings, golden pompano and other species from their local markets and prepare mouth-watering dishes.

Some Of The Highly Consumed Aquatic Species Are Follows:


Most of the people love taking shrimps in dinners. It is easily available in the seafood market. In fact, it is

Seafood Paella A Sumptuous Meal

Seafood paella is one of the most popular European rice dishes served during regular meals and special occasions. It has also conquered dining tables of other countries and cultures across the globe. Why not? The mixture of carbo-rich rice filled with meaty goodness of different seafood makes a perfect heavy delicious meal for family, friends, and guests to enjoy and feast on.

Actually, seafood paella is a variety of the original paella recipe, which originated in Spain. Paella, according to food historians, is a rice dish which is all the rage traditionally and popularly eaten on Sundays. The term paella was derived from the Latin word patella, which means frying pan. Obviously the dish is usually cooked in a big frying pan where food ingredients such as rice, vegetables, meat, and seafood are mixed together to come up with sumptuous meal. Paella should have the three main ingredients of rice, saffron, and olive oil. Complements such as chicken meat, olives, and shellfish are added since these are very abundant in Spain. The seafood paella recipe came about and flourished when meat was taken away from the recipe to appeal to strict vegetarians, who abhor eating livestock meat. Seafood paella also became

Is Aloe Vera Juice Health Benefits Simply Myths

One of the juices that is widely used; aloe vera juice is made out of the aloe vera gels. Basic purpose of making the juice is that the beneficial aloe vera can be taken in by people internally getting the health benefits those results due to intake of the plant product. A question remains that is aloe vera juice health benefits is simply a myth?

Not Many Clinical Evidences

Till date there has not been many clinical studies and experiments relating to aloe vera and its byproducts and therefore the exact benefits that it renders has not been identified either. However, most of the people who have taken aloe vera have confirmed about its beneficial impacts on their health, especially when taken in the juice form.

User Must be Careful

It does not mean that the user should consume whatever juice form of aloe vera is made available to him or her. Instead the user has to trade with care and caution understanding about the aloe vera juice health benefits.

  • Aloe vera juices containing harmful chemical elements added by the manufacturing company may have overall adverse affects on the health;
  • At times such products can result in severe side affects for the consumers; and
  • Therefore, it is

Take a Glance at Some Seafood Dinner Ideas

Are you arranging party plans? Are you not able to prepare the list of delicacies for your guests? What about the idea of seafood? It’s a sensational option among the eatables that can add a special note to your seafood dinner party celebrations. A glass of chilled wine alongside some crab cakes can simply take your party ambiance to the zenith of excitement. Moreover, seafood is always advantageous in terms of taste and health. In fact, the more you consume, the better is your health. There are plenty of seafood recipes available online. In fact, the websites can fetch you a wide range of seafood ideas that can in fact help you to impress your guest.

Have you ever tried fish like halibut or cod? If you haven’t, just add some salsa with any of them and spread some crackers on it. The response from the other side will be simply amazing. Well, the cooking process is much more important which will actually bring out the essence of these seafood stuffs. Remember, the selection of ingredients for your seafood dinner cuisine should be done with perfection. For instance, if you are willing to cook a seafood recipe, you need olives, peppers,

Best Stir Fry Recipe

In our experience, here is one of our best stir fry recipe that we can share with you today. This is a very yummy dish to most. You can also omit the snow peas and instead use broccoli florets. If your family loves beef and beef strips, this recipe will surely be loved and repeatedly requested. Learn how to do it. It is easy, quick and very sumptuous for a simple quiet dinner at home. We call this dish the EMERALD STIR FRY WITH BEEF. But others even substitute the beef with seafood and still enjoy the recipe. It can be prepared in 42, minutes; where preparation is 30 minutes and the actual cooking is 12 minutes. This recipe yields 4 servings.


  • ¼ cup Mirin or semi sweet white wine, like Riesling
  • ¼ cup orange juice
  • 2 tablespoons rice vinegar
  • ¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes
  • ¼ cup low sodium soy sauce
  • ¼ cup water
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 8 ounces beef round steak, sliced into ¼ inch thick strips
  • 3 cloves of garlic, peeled minced
  • 2 cups fresh snow peas (about 6 ounces)
  • 1 large bunch broccoli (1 ¼ pounds) trimmed and cut into small florets
  • A bunch of asparagus (about 1 pound), trimmed and sliced into diagonal 2 inch